Bridge SDK

The quickest & simplest way to access cross-chain liquidity
The Synapse Router SDK is the easiest way for any developer to integrate cross-chain token & liquidity transfers into their application. The SDK is built to support full-fledged frontend applications, but is fully isomorphic, able to be used both client & server-side.
The Router SDK is built on top of the Synapse Router Contract. To learn more see this page
The Synapse SDK allows protocols to own the user experience within their own dApp

Quick Start


Pre-reqs: Node v16+. The SDK is only fully tested on Node 16+ or greater. Earlier versions may have errors.
Depending on the package manager of your choice, install the SDK using one of the following:
npx install @synapsecns/sdk-router
yarn install @synapsecns/sdk-router
The SDK package relies on the following dependencies installed from NPM.