Synapse Chain
Synapse is currently developing a Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain to economically secure the validity of the protocol's messaging system.
Upon launch of the Synapse Chain, Synapse will no longer require AMM pools on each chain but will instead be able to replace with liquidity on the Synapse chain, leading to greater capital efficiency and a significant cut in SYN emissions.
Additionally, the Synapse Chain will allow developers to build on top of Synapse cross-chain liquidity and create a new generation of protocols, able to interact with assets regardless of which blockchain those are located.
In addition to a native L1 ecosystem that will include the usual DeFi building blocks (e.g. DEX, lending platforms, derivatives), the Synapse Chain will allow the emergence of a new primitive offering the unique value proposition of cross-chain functionality. In this vein, Synapse will become an integral building block of an entirely new class of cross-chain applications.
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