Governance Initiatives
Since launch of the Synapse Protocol, a number of governance initiatives were put forward and voted on by the Synapse DAO.
Any SYN holder can put forward proposals, which will be voted on by the DAO, as long as he has over 50,000 SYN tokens.
In order to be adopted by the Synapse DAO, a proposal needs to gather at least 50%+1 vote of the votes and reach the minimum quorum, which is currently fixed at 10,000,000 SYN tokens
SIP-01: Implement Admin Fee on AMM pools
SIP-02: Implement Admin Fee on AMM pools
SIP-03: Min Bridge Fee Adjustments
SIP-04: Olympus PRO
SIP-05: Recalibrating SYN Emissions
SIP-06: SYN Single Staking
SIP-07: Joining Fei's Liquidity as a Service
SIP-08: Handle Unvested SYN for Former Nerve Liquidity Providers
SIP-09: SYN Token Loan for Market Making
SIP-10: A New SYN-FRAX Liquidity Pool
SIP-11: Recognising the Synapse Foundation
  • Recogising the Synapse Foundation, a Caymand Island exempted foundation company
  • The Synapse DAO will elect five members to a newly-created Synapse Foundation Advisory Board, made up of both community participants and/or non-Synapse DAO participants, for one year terms
  • The Advisory Board will serve as special advisors to the Synapse Foundation to ensure the Foundation’s actions align with the interests of the Synapse DAO
  • Allocate $150,000 per year to the Foundation for normal operations.
  • Outcome: Passed, 100%
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